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Premium Meal Plan


The meals in this plan include protien choices of: sirloin, kielbasa, salmon, grouper and cod. please note our sirloin is cooked to a temperature of 145 degrees so that you can reheat to your desired temperature

The standard meal comes with premium proteins (Tilapia, Salmon, Cod, Sirloin Steak, etc), as well as 30g carbs and 1/2 cup veggies.

Choose your quantity of meals and ounces of protein from the drop down boxes. If you would like breakfast, snacks, or any other extras to your plan you may use the rest of the drop down boxes, if not, you aren't required to choose anything. The list of foods is our commonly used foods in the plans, uncheck the foods that you do not wish to have. If you want specific meals put together for you, put your requests in the comment section after choosing your pick up days (listed as delivery days in the system).

Please note that prices reflect UP TO 45g complex carbs and 1/2cup veggies. If you would like to increase either of those amounts, you must click on "additional veggies" or "additional carbs" for the total quantity of meals. The amount is $.50/meal for side added on.

If you are would like a macro tracker that lists the macros for your specific meals, please ask us, we will be glad to give you a copy. If you would like to have your macros on each meal label, we offer that service for $1/label, please choose the quantity in the drop down box below.

Please email all cancellations or subscription freeze request need to


Please uncheck any ingredients you wish to avoid in your meal plan

Premium Meat