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Paleo Num Yums staff works closely with a Lifestyle Coach and their customers to ensure that customers become educated on nutrition or to reach specific goals. This is a great tool to use in tandem with our paleo meal plan service.We offer weekly meetings in the Augusta area to provide community and keep customers accountable to their fitness and nutrition goals. A lifestyle coach helps clients establish proactive and healthy habits and teaching attendees to be their own nutrition coach by learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle by building a relationship with food.

Our clients meet the Lifestyle Coach once per week after an initial consultation and check in. The nutrition guidelines provided will be macronutrient amounts revolving around the clients current activity, which start with a base calorie amount. Once the plan is established, the coach, the Paleo Num Yums meal prep staff and the client are in constant communication about the custom paleo meal plans or pertinent information that is discussed in relation to food and the client’s success.

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Ansley Knopf

Ansley is a driven trainer and health coach whose passion for health and fitness began when
she was 12. To her, even at that young age, being a health and fitness coach seemed like a
dream job. Fascinated by kinesiology, health science, and nutrition, she made that dream a
reality in 2014.

As a military spouse, she’s utilized her skills and talents around the world. Traveling and
exploring other cultures has helped her identify and appreciate how movement is fundamental to
humankind and how much food is as much a part of our cultures and story as it is fuel for survival.
Now based in Augusta, she brings her expertise with weight loss, body recomposition, prenatal,
postnatal, women’s fitness, therapeutic programming and a holistic approach to wellness and
health coaching to both the local area, Paleo Num Yums, and globally through online coaching.

She trains with a “Phoenix” philosophy: “Rise from the ashes over and over – Never quit. Walk
through the fire and find the new you on the other side. Then do it again. Always strive to be
1% better than the day before.” Her methodology and approach is current, science-based,
compassionate coaching and training with a warrior mentality. Even the strongest warrior needs to
know they are not alone, there is someone standing beside them every step of the way.

American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer
American Council on Exercise Certified Group Fitness Instructor
American Council on Exercise Certified Health Coach
Precision Nutrition Level 1 and Level 2 Certified
Specialty certifications:
Therapeutic Exercise
Orthopedic Exercise
Mind/Body Exercise
Pre and Postnatal Academy
Postnatal Fitness Specialist Academy
Interests and Accomplishments:

As a 5-time Tough Mudder, Ansley loves obstacle course racing. When she’s not powering
through some course, she enjoys singing, powerlifting, cooking AND eating delicious food.
She’s always on the lookout for a travel adventure, especially if she can add to her Hard Rock
Glass Collection. But more important than that is exploring new places and connecting with
new people. And you can often find her on the weekend cheering the Georgia Bulldogs.
Favorite animals are otters, dolphins, and dogs. And there’s nobody she’d rather share all her
adventures with than her awesome husband, Brian.

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Angela Lawson

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

It was my own personal struggle with the food and diet that led me to pursue a career path in the Holistic Health field.  The amount of conflicting information about nutrition and health was a source of fear and confusion to me.  Like many people, I thought it was me, that there was something wrong with me.  I had developed thyroid issues in my 20’s, followed by high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fatigue, extreme digestion issues…the list goes on.  I found myself, at 45 years old, 5’1” and 210 pounds, miserable and with no self esteem.  I was so uncomfortable sitting, let alone being active.  I was constantly trying the next “magic” diet, sure that it would unlock my problem with losing weight.  I would have some limited success with these diets, losing 20-40 pounds, and each time the weight would creep back on, plus more! I was left feeling ashamed, constantly reconfirming in my mind that I would never be able to gain victory over my weight.  I was fed up and wanted my life back, and that is where my researching began.

Fast forward to now, 51 years old and 67 pounds lighter, no longer do I have high blood pressure or high cholesterol.  I have been working in the fitness and clean eating field for the past 3 years and have seen so many people put their time in at the gym, and still struggle to meet their fitness goals. FOOD is the key!

Over time, through my own research and education, I have learned to eat intuitively and with confidence.  I nourish myself with a whole, balanced diet, and my relationship with food has become healthy and positive.  I believe that a healthy lifestyle is about balance, and I encourage clients to consume whole foods and seasonally vibrant produce.  I take a holistic approach as I work with clients, encouraging each one to move toward their own intuitive independence with food.  Each step creates small shift that have a big impact on health, weight, energy and overall wellness.

If you would like me to help you on your journey, you can contact me at or (503)740-9726.

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